Yesterday, a mysterious incident caused the Williamsburg Bridge to be shut down, both on the roadway and subway, yesterday morning. The J, M, and Z were affected, and proving that some people do ride the J, M, and Z, one reader wrote to Gothamist about the incident, feeling that it was impromptu and a pain, "as more or less mellow cops directed thwarted hipsters to the L," adding, "I don't know how those hipsters stand it, what a nightmare. I guess they are so tweaked out on designer drugs and Prozac they don't mind being wedged like sardines." That's difficult: Gothamist tries to be prepared for extended subway commutes by bringing our camera, water, a book, and two newspapers plus a gossip magazine, but if the subway car is crowded, we just stare at the ceiling. Sigh. [Updated:] It turns out that the bridge was shut down because the police thought they found a pipe bomb (left in a bag) on the bridge's span; it was actually a crack pipe! Addicts, please, be mindful of your fellow New Yorkers!

Additionally, a package was found at the West 79th Street station, which suspended 1/2/3/9 service yesterday morning.