Welcome to the underground, Kevin Bacon. Fresh off of being swindled out of money invested in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, actor Kevin Bacon is apparently now riding the subways and discovering the criminal air down there. The Post reports that Bacon had his Blackberry stolen Thursday at the 7th Avenue and 53rd Street B, D, and E station in Manhattan. Sources tell the paper that Bacon raced after the thief, but "lost track of him as he ran through the station's crowd." The Post seems hard up for details—certainly not made any easier when the NYPD would not confirm the robbery—but the paper makes sure to rally a team of three punsters who really bring home the Bacon reporting that the star was "smoked," "not footloose enough" and "is a lot less than six degrees of separation away from a coveted cache of A-list celebrities and boldface names likely programmed into Bacon's 'Berry." While they can only speculate that the device includes the number of the "boo 'berry" belonging to wife Kyra Sedgwick "possibly along with dozens of other box office stars who have graced the big screen with Bacon," they do confirm that over one-third of subway robberies target mobile devices.