Perhaps the MTA should use a little of that money they're spending to relocate people to luxury hotels and invest it into repairs on the Bensonhurst D train tracks. For the past few months, residents have been complaining that pieces of the elevated tracks on 86th Street and Stillwell Avenue have been falling onto the streets, hitting cars and putting pedestrians in danger. One local told the Daily News, "Does one of the trains have to fall off before they say, 'I guess we should fix that?'"

Though a local mechanic shop has collected several fallen pieces, including a rusty spike, an MTA spokesman said nobody from the area has filed a complaint. He said, "The people who run the auto body shop have had some problems from when there was a crane there months ago. When someone has a problem, they should take a picture and file a report." The News does have a photo of a cracked windshield, and plenty of quotes to attest that it is a problem. Deli owner Robert Cicero said, "I rarely go under there because of what's going on. My customers complain about [cracked windshields]. That's why I don't drive my car over there." Well, hopefully he's not taking the D train instead.