It isn't just fancy phones that thieves are stealing on the subways these days—DNAinfo reports that power tools and mechanical gear have been walking away from MTA "storage rooms, maintenance sheds and lockers throughout the sprawling subway system." Which is a problem for lots of reasons beyond the obvious—who could forget the time a mentally disturbed man attacked a subway rider with a chainsaw he stole from MTA contractors?

Apparently this year there have been 18 break-ins so far, a huge jump from the zero break-ins reported last year. And what are we talking about here? "Theives have been getting away with tens of thousands of dollars worth of tools, mechanical equipment, pneumatic drills and various electrical gadgets used by workers," sources said.

Still, unlike that horrible chainsaw incident most of these thefts have involved locked-up tools stolen by bolt cutter-wielding crooks. Crooks who are probably looking to sell or use them, rather than turn them into weapons (we hope). "At least seven of the break-ins are the work of the same criminal who went on a recent month-long spree in two major Brooklyn subway stations — a hub at Hoyt-Schermerhorn station in Downtown Brooklyn and at the Franklin Avenue station along Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights," police officials said.

The other 11 break-ins appear to be similar, but the NYPD has not officially linked them. No arrests have been made.