Fighting powder; Photo - Newsday

The Post speaks with a former transit engineer who says that MTA could be doing a "faster and cheaper" job of making sure the subway is safe during a terror attack. And that not enough attention is being paid to vulnerable areas, such as East River tunnels. Retired engineer Mel Levy effectively tells the Post that the MTA's too bureaucratic to make the $100 million earmarked for security measures go all the way, that he offered his services to consult with them for free but never heard back, and then freaks Gothamist and other subway riding New Yorkers out by saying subway windows should be bolted - "That would stop anyone from tossing a bomb into a tunnel from the train."

The city is planning an emergency drill at the Bowling Green station on May 16 ("Operation Transit-Safe). Since it's a Sunday, and the Bowling Green station is relatively quiet, emergency workers go through the paces of a simulated terror situation. There was a simulated terror situation drill at Shea Stadium in March.