The momentary rainstorm that passed over NYC this afternoon may already be fading into memory, but its arborous wreckage is laying waste to the subway system. Multiple train lines are struggling with delays and service disruptions after trees fell onto tracks in Queens and Brooklyn.

  • N trains have been re-routed via the D line between 36th Street and Stillwell Avenue after a tree fell onto the tracks at Kings Highway.
  • Southbound Q Trains are currently running express from Prospect Park to Kings Highway due to a fallen tree at Avenue J.
  • M Trains were completely shut down for a moment when a sorry tree bit the big one over the tracks near Metropolitan Avenue, but now at least the line is running again with delays.
  • Finally, yet another tree fell in Brooklyn, this time delaying service on the Shuttle line near Prospect Park.

If your evening commute involves the M, N, Q, or Shuttle trains, just take some deep breaths and remember that those beautiful human centipede train cars are coming in 2020 (maybe!).