200711kidmancamille.jpgThe Post has another article about Patrick Moberg and his flower-girl Camille Hayton today. What's new to report on the two-some since they are apparently, really, for real, turning off their spotlight now?

Well, not much. The two shared the B train to Brooklyn after appearing on GMA yesterday and got some underground recognition (one straphanger hollered, "You are my favorite story this year."). Beating out an awww-struck ABC anchor Chris Cuomo as their most famous fan however...is the one and only Nicole Kidman! We're betting aspiring-actress Camille made it a point to bump in to her in the ABC studios.

Yesterday, even Nicole Kidman was swept up in the romantic fairy tale involving Hayton, 22, a fellow Aussie.

The actress crossed paths with the couple yesterday at GMA, and told The Post: "It's just an amazing, amazing story, isn't it?"

Apparently even Kidman will have to make up her own ending to the story, because Moberg says they're turning the cameras off now. We've heard that one before.

Picture of Camille trying out a non-flowery hair accessory via Facebook.