2005_11_ltraindiv.jpgSo this was the weekend of the service disruption. 18 out of the 19 major lines were mussed with leaving only the lonely M untouched. All the non-action on the subways makes sense (they need to get this work done before the holidays, the system is old and constantly needs work, etc., etc.,) but we aren't going to pretend that all of the changes didn't leave us a bit, shall we say, miffed. At least we had fair warning. But now it is Sunday and the two nights of transportation cah-razies are over (well, there is still the trouble of getting around today, but that is neither here nor there). So let's review. How did you get around the city this weekend? Do you have a particularly strange or extreme story? How did the constantly cut-off Williamsburgers take the lack of the L? (How did we deal with no L? We walked to the J). Did anybody discover a quicker route they hadn't known of?