New L Train; Photo: NY Post

- The MTA is turning the L-train into the city's only computer operated line. Before you say "Bad Idea Jeans," there will be an operator who can override the system in case of an emergency. The new control system will allow subways to run closer together, which means passengers will be spread out over more trains - versus waiting ten minutes and then everyone squeezing onto the train together. The almost $300 million project goes into effect next year, and the 7 line will be next for upgrades.
- Subway crime is down 2% so far this year. NY1 reports that NYPD is attributing this to the many officers stationed underground in case of terrorist attacks, with less felonies and robberies. However, grand larceny (purse-snatching, pick-pocketing) is up 6%.
- The young woman, who died on the 42nd Street/6th Avenue subway platform earlier this week, died of a blood clot. Early reports wondered if 18 year-old Zakiya Kennedy's boyfriend had something to do with her death, since he left her on the platform, but now some suspect her birth control contraceptive patch may have cause the clot.
- Transit workers will get anti-terror training, after the Transit Workers Union complained they weren't being included. The NYPD's antiterror training includes mock subway car explosions.