All he wanted to do was bring grinders and grinding together under one roof. But it seems that Anthony "Cousin Vinny" Agnello's inspired idea to turn a former Subway sandwich spot into a hybrid Gentleman's Sub Club was just too visionary for these litigious times, and now he's probably ruined. You'll recall that last summer Agnello sparked outrage from the local community for opening up the "all-nude private club 'Cousin Vinny's Little Secret'" in a disenfranchised Subway on East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx. The Subway fast food chain was also rubbed the wrong way, because Agnello was still using Subway brand wrappers and menus for the venture, which served sandwiches by day and lap dances by night. Now a federal magistrate has recommended that Agnello pay the fast-food giant's corporate parent $90,000, plus another $7,900 for its legal fees. Which leaves Agnello no choice but to make the entire payment in crumpled singles.