After reading about beautiful subway stations around the world from Metro Bits, Gothamist was a bit depressed that the stations we wait in are dingy and dirty, especially relative to the museum-like structures practically everywhere else. Sure, there are stations here and there that are more pleasant than others, like the soon-to-be finished West 8th Street stop in Coney Island. Perhaps this is the price we pay for having the second oldest subway station in the world, with 1.4 billion travelers and with terrible government funding. Hell, we just want them to be clean. [Via Anil]

Do you have any nominations for the nicest subway station? We're racking our brains for one... sure, there's great artwork in some stations, but none are that great, sadly. We guess we'll have to wait for the Fulton Street Transit Center, modified design and all. Speaking of subway beautification, the Brooklyn DA's office announced they managed to recover $800,000 in wages for workers who tiled subway stations.

Photograph from the 190th Street stop