The train stations up in the Bronx have traditionally been dingy and poorly maintained, but the Daily News found out that one is now a spot for gay encounters. The Fordham Road station's north end of the southbound platform (it's on the D) is apparently publicized as a place for hookups. Reporter Pete Donohue writes, "In 90 minutes, we witnessed one lewd act - and were propositioned twice." All in the name of reporting!

"It's a cruising area. I've seen a lot of sexual activity," said a 19-year-old man wearing a lavender-and-white Yankee cap.

He arrived with four other young men who sauntered into the station about 11:45 p.m., calling out, "Where are the cuties?" - and making comments and offers to other men that can't be printed here.

Shocking, right? We had no idea the Yankees made lavender caps. The police have increased their presence at the station after complaints, and the article does touch upon the dangers of casual sex; also, some gay men go to the station to "ridicule" the "down low" types. Gothamist has to think the Straphangers' Gene Russianoff is right when he says, "I never heard or thought of a subway station or subway platform as a secluded part of a park or a singles bar. If you want to go unobserved, I wouldn't pick a subway station." Yeah, regardless of the kind of sex being had, it's bad enough the F train has its riders making gooey eyes at each other. We don't want intimate encounters in our stations...and no pissing or pooing, either. Just straight up cursing because your train is nowhere to be found.