Sure, there are many subway stations with chipped and peeling paint. And the MTA even has the money to start repainting them. But the MTA can't figure out a plan to get started!

The Daily News reported that the NYC Transit's plan to paint stations is in limbo; NYCT told them, "It will go forward, but I don't know when or what the plan is." Then the News told MTA non-voting board member Andrew Albert how there is no plan, to which Albert said, "They haven't started? It shouldn't take a year to decide what stations to do. There's little doubt you can find 35 stations a year that badly need a paint job." And a rider said about the decrepit state of the Court Street R station, "It looks like an abandoned Dracula castle."

Last November, the MTA revealed that, thanks to a windfall from the sale of Stuyvesant Town (the MTA gets a cut of all mortgages), it would be able to paint many of its 468 stations. What station would you nominate to be painted first?