Back in October Transit Wireless, the company that makes it possible for you chat away on a few subway platforms, let it drop that it would be expanding its services into 30 stations up Manhattan and into Queens by the end of the year. But today they had to push that back to "the end of the first quarter of 2013." Blame (or thank!) Hurricane Sandy.

Now, before you start asking if New Yorkers (who use AT&T or T-Mobile) really need to be chatting while they wait for the train in Times Square, Columbus Circle or Rockefeller Center William Bayne, Transit Wireless's CEO, is ready for you with some PR-speak! He says that "A crisis such as Hurricane Sandy reemphasizes how vital telecommunications and mass transit are to our society and reaffirm our efforts to build much needed infrastructure throughout the New York City subway system, including Help Point Intercom units, which connect passengers to emergency and transit assistance." Sure, we're totally sure that those underground stations would have stood up to Sandy's flood waters!

Anyway, come next spring roughly 30 more stations should be ready for AT&T and T-Mobile users to chat, chat, chat away in. And the rest of you sad users of Virgin and Verizon and whatnot well, assuming that more company's like Microsoft and Google sponsor it, at least you can use the Boingo WiFi services in the same stations?