More details about he subway stabber who attacked a couple on the train Wednesday night: The stabber admitted he went crazy. According to the Post, Edward Murphy said, "What the f--- are you looking at?" to pregnant Monia Simmons and Danny Agular before punching Simmons in the head and then stabbing both on a subway that just left West 4th Street. The judge Murphy's bail at $100,000; Murphy seems to be homeless.

Agular speaks to the Daily News and it turns out Simmons is just his friend - not girlfriend. Apparently Agular asked Simmons if she knew Murphy after Murphy yelled at them, and then Murphy lunged to attack them. Agular says that Simmons also chased Murphy when they got out at the West 14th Street and 8th Avenue station, thus being one of the bravest people he knows. At least Agular and Simmons - and Simmons' unborn baby - are safe. We're keeping in mind to keep to ourselves...even if it means we can see something to say something about.