The man stabbed on an uptown 2 train early Saturday morning tells the Post what happened. A strange man was "throwing potato chips at a passed out drunk woman," and when the chips hit Antonio Ramirez, who was headed back to Washington Heights after working at Il Buco, Ramirez asked the man if he was all right.

"Do I look OK?" the maniac snarled back at him.

Ramirez said a police officer walked by and he suggested the cop arrest the chip-flinging nut, but the officer focused his attention on trying to rouse the inebriated woman.

When they got on the train, which had around 20 people in their car, the slasher began shouting at the married father of two, calling him a "f- - -ing bitch."

"He was screaming," Ramirez said. "[I] told him to shut up."

The lunatic took a swing at Ramirez, but missed and hit the bench so the busboy shoved the man away and they got into a brief scuffle.

But in the midst of the struggle, the clean-cut crackpot pulled out an eight-inch steak knife and thrust the blade at Ramirez repeatedly, laughing wildly.

The attacker got off at 23rd Street, and Ramirez only saw that he was bleeding at 28th Street! Luckily Ramirez only needed stitches. Police are still looking for the attacker.

And there were three other incidents all over the city early Saturday morning that left two dead and another man stabbed.