103108mineo.jpgSources in the NYPD say that a transit officer who participated in the arrest of Michael Mineo in a Brooklyn subway station earlier this month has broken ranks and will support Mineo's explosive sodomy allegation.

One source tells the Daily News that the cop's version of the incident "is bad" for the NYPD: "He's not coming forward to say nothing happened." According to the Post, the unidentified officer will meet with the Brooklyn DA and the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau to tell them that while he was holding Mineo down he saw one of the officers "jab" him in the buttocks with an object.

"He doesn't want to go down on this," says the News's source. And though the Times reported yesterday that tests on one officer’s equipment found no trace of hair, fibers, bodily tissue, fecal matter or blood, the Post has it that the DA's office is still awaiting tests on a radio and baton belonging to Alex Cruz, one of the arresting officers. Other NYPD sources say that an approximately half-inch-by half-inch tear found in Mineo's underwear supported his allegations.

Mineo's lawyer, Kevin Mosely, tells the Post there are as many as 18 witnesses and that evidence against the cops is "overwhelming." The tabloid's sources say at least two witnesses report hearing Mineo yell to the cops: "What are you doing to me!" and "What are you... a faggot?" After his second stint in the hospital, Mineo was released yesterday and met with the DA to prepare his grand jury testimony, but cut the session short because of intense pain.