In our head, we can see a Venn diagram with two circles: subway nerds and sneaker nerds. In the center, there's a very small intersection of subway sneaker nerds. Finally, a pair of shoes has come along celebrating this rare species of hipster. These custom AirForceOnes are made by AirWearNYC, and come in half-sizes from 7 to 13. We know Tien is going to be ordering some! Bonus-- the AirWear guys also do custom airbrushed T-Shirts:

If you have any questions ,or would like to request a different artist give us a call we'll be glad to customize a special shirt for you. Custom shirts cost 100 dollars, email us your photo and we'll let you no if we can work with it.

Just wait until next summer when we're rocking our ghetto-fabu Thompson the Cat T-shirt-- then you guys are going to be soooo jealous!