2005_06_turnstile.jpgA man and a woman bumped into each other near the turnstiles of the 34th Street Herald Square subway station. And then, Newsday reports, it turned into a racial attack. The man, who was white, yelled racial epithets at the black woman after the bumping. And, later, when they had descended to the subways, he "walked up to the black woman again on the platform, where they were waiting for the same southbound train, and took out a small knife and slashed her across the cheek." The incident occured Wednesday night at 11:30PM; police say that the man, in his 20s, fled with two women and no arrests have been made yet. Gothamist hates hates hates stories like this. There are some really horrible, angry people on the subway (there was a guy spitting at everyone on the D train the other night; easily 10 people got off). All you can do is keep to yourself, both in terms of all your junk, your body, and your business.

Gothamist on the dangers of leaning on a subway pole and we wonder if one of the new roving MTA customer agents would have been able to stop this attack (doubtful, we know).