More facts have emerged from yesterday's subway face slashing. Despite initial reports that the attack on the 3 train took place with a pencil, it now appears the weapon was a pen. And that cigarette that the attacker was supposedly lighting up on the subway? It was actually more like a blunt. Perhaps he thought yesterday was 4/20?

Police arrested 35-year-old Cordero Coroberto, who has no permanent address, after the incident and charged him with second-degree assault, criminal possession of a weapon and possession of marijuana. He reportedly has a long list of priors for things like sleeping on the subway, turnstile jumping and criminal mischief.

Meanwhile the victim, Evelyn Seeger of Nutly, New Jersey, was given a tetanus shot and treated for a slash from her temple to her nose yesterday before being sent home. The argument between Seeger and Coroberto reportedly started after she chided him for trying to light a blunt on the crowded train.