While there is some debate about the NYPD's undercover subway sting to arrest subway perverts, most women welcome the news as many have been privy to a little too much attention from men over the years. The NY Times has some great quotes from some female subway riders:

- "Every girl I know has at least one story."
- "I thought that maybe I'd done something to attract [a flasher] but my family reassured me he was just a sleaze."
- "It happened to me in the 70's. Men used to touch women on the train and stand close to them and ruin their clothes."
- "All of a sudden, this man moved into my frame of reference, and I was staring at a penis. I couldn't believe it."

Regarding that last quote, that's totally happened to us (uptown 2 train at 14th Street!). While we do understand that in crowded subway cars it's more difficult to disrcern what's groping and what's unintential "there's no room" nudging, when a penis enters the equation, it's safe to say the guy's a pervert. Also, for those crowded subway cars, try to position a bag or jacket on over your butt.

Our readers hashed out the sting - aka "Operation Exposure" - yesterday.