The suspect who was arrested for allegedly fatally shoving a Queens man into the subway tracks at the 49th Street N/R/Q station in Manhattan on Monday has been formally charged. Naeem Davis, 30, has been charged with two counts (intentional; depraved indifference) of murder in the 2nd degree. Davis reportedly admitted that he and victim Ki-Suck Han bumped into each other at some point, which ultimately led to Davis to pushing him away and screaming, “Motherf-----, get out of my face.”

Davis, who has been described as a "homeless drifter" who "gets paid to help street vendors haul their tables to local garages," bumped into 58-year-old Han just after noon on Monday. “He wouldn’t leave me alone, so I pushed him,” Davis allegedly told investigators. “I saw him get hit by the train,” he added, saying he stayed at the platform after he pushed Han onto the tracks. Davis was picked up by the police on Tuesday afternoon on 50th Street and Seventh Avenue, a block from the entrance to the subway platform where the incident occurred.

Video of altercation between alleged subway shover and victim from Gothamist on Vimeo.

A law enforcement official told the Times that Davis had been arrested before for minor offenses including peddling. They add that he does "not have a fixed address."