Police patrol Times Square subways; Photo - Daily NewsThe investigation of who shot Monica Meadows on a W train on Tuesday afternoon has hit a bump, with the "scruffy" man initially sought by police as a suspect being cleared. A man who was on the subway and fit the description turned himself into police, who decided he was not the gunman. The Times noted the police's difficulty getting a clear idea from witnesses of how many were actually on the subway, since, as one police official said, "You don't count the number of people on the train as long as you have a seat."

Meanwhile, Meadows has left the hospital while the Daily News compares the shooting to the attack of model Marla Hanson in 1986. Her landlord had hired two men to slash her face. Hanson tells the Daily News, "She should look at it as an opportunity to examine herself, to be grateful that it wasn't worse, that she didn't die. I looked at the glass as half full - wasn't I really lucky I didn't die, I didn't have nerve damage, that I escaped relatively unscathed?"