Subway Shooting; Photo: Newsday

After Tuesday's subway shooting of aspiring actress Monica Meadows, police have started their investigation by doing what happens in these matters: Questioning acquaintances of the victim. Police interviewed her former roommate, especially since he fit the description of the shooter. But Michael Babel was released, after his alibi checked out. But Babel did have a long day of questioning: "They put me through the wringer and asked me a lot of questions. I wrote a 13-page essay and told them exactly where I was. We talked about a $1 million bail, Rikers Island, years in prison," he said. "It was a long day — not like anything I've ever experienced."

Meanwhile, doctors at Bellevue are calling Meadows the "miracle model" because the bullet narrowly missed internal organs, when it entered her left shoulder, near the armpit. The shooting has also sparked the interest of different theater companies in the city, who are interested in offering Meadows work. Really? Oh, dear, Gothamist worries that other would-be starlets don't stage stunts like this (we just hope that they stick to embarrassing themselves on reality shows). But other actors are worried about their safety, given this shooting and the murder of Sarah Fox. Hey, thesps, join the crowd! Terrible things can happen to anyone. But, the notion of self-centered actors does make us think Gawker might be onto something, when suggesting that Meadows gets a shout-out on Tony night.

Also, did anyone else notice AM New York's cover headline yesterday, "SUBWAY FASHION SHOOT"? It was in such bad taste, yet terribly clever... it's clear that AMNY has decided that tabloidy headlines are the way to compete with metro.