Interleague play starts tonight at Citi Field, where the last-place Mets host the second-place Yankees in their first meeting of the year. Sunday's marquee matchup pits aces CC Sabathia and Johan Santana against one another...and amazingly, tickets are not sold out for the series, yet. (NOTE: Tonight's matchup features non-aces Javier Vasquez and Hisanori Takahashi.)

According to the Times, the Mets had held onto some good tickets and were offering them initially to disgruntled former season-ticket holders, perhaps with their lead-leaguing home field attendance decline in mind. According to the Post, one fan even found a ticket for the (contextually) low price of $56 at the stadium yesterday.

Foxsports thinks this could be a decisive series for much-gossiped-about Mets Manager Jerry Manuel, who has been on the hot seat for most of the young season. ESPN points out some interesting facts about the strange season the Mets have had so far: "They became the fourth team in history to be five games out in April, yet finish the month in first place in their division or league. Then, they became the second team ever to go from first in their division or league to last—at least five games out—in as little as 15 days."