You ain't nothing unless you try: The MTA is talking to a French (gasp!) company about installing cameras in subway cars and buses while the MTA admits that their efforts to improve lighting and emergency radio communications in subway tunnels have lagged. Ai. The MTA says the security improvements are slowed (communications target moved from mid-2004 to 2005; the tunnels - all 417 miles of them - won't be lit until 2020) because riders will be incovenienced. Plus signals needs to be boosted for different kinds of radios. Gothamist feels for the MTA, we really do, because they are charged with making sure millions of people get to where they're going, on top of maintaining equipment AND adjusting to today's heightened needs, but hearing this just makes us more crazed.

Thales is the French company that the MTA is speaking to about surveillance in the subways and buses. The MTA would want the cameras to deter crime (a bus driver was sexually assaulted last week) as well as combat terror.

Gothamist on the MTA putting suveillance cameras in subway stations last year. And the above photo of passengers walking in subway tunnel from James Wagner.