In the wake of the London blasts, Mayor Bloomberg took the subway after arriving from Singapore, in an effort to show New Yorkers that mass transit was safe. Today, there is supposedly at least one police officer on each train (no word on whether they can pass between cars), as security overall has been stepped up all over the region and country. Helicopters are flying above, bomb-sniffing dogs are on patrol and machines guns are being toted around. The NYPD and MTA are reminding people to say something if they see something - suspicious packages and the like. How was your commute last night and this morning?

Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton are taking the chance to draw attention to the lack of funding for non-airline transportation security. City Councilman John Liu, who heads the council's transportation committee, is criticizing the MTA's lack of progress in upgrading security. Newsday wonders if a London-style attack could happen. The truth is that ever since the Madrid train bombings and even the sarin gas bombings in Tokyo, it's pretty clear that these attacks can happen.