Judge Richard M. Berman, a U.S. District Judge in Manhattan, will hear from lawyers contending that the subway bad searches are unconstitutional. The NYCLU sued the city on behalf of subway riders in August. The NYCLU also conducted its own survey between August 25 through September 16, finding that 34 searches were being held across 5,500 subway turnstile entrances. Per the AP, the NYCLU feels "the search program in the 468 subway stations serving 26 train lines 'has no meaningful value in preventing the entry of explosive devices into the system by the terrorists the NYPD is attempting to thwart. '" Yeah, but we're sure that the bag searches went into full effect right after the October 7 maybe subway terror threat. But the NYCLU's point is that the searches are essentially useless, as there are searches only at certain stations and anyone who refuses to have his/her bag searched can leave the station to enter through another subway entrance, which makes one wonder if the NYPD will consider holding cells at subway stations; plus, stopping people on the street to search randomly would never be condoned, so why should it happen in the subways as they are "a direct, physical extension of the sidewalks of New York City." Which does make sense.

About four months after the first bag checks, are you for or against subway bag searches?