2005_03_scientologysubways.jpgMonths after the poster incident, the NY Times heads to the bowels of the Times Square subway station where the Scientologists are trying to de-stress New Yorkers. Whatever you may think of the Scientologists (Tom Cruise! Aliens! John Travolta! More aliens!), Gothamist has to give it up to them for picking one of the more insane subway stations to prey upon traumatized commuters and naive tourists who think "Wow, the secrets to a stress-free life are in that folding chair with those overeager people." Also lucky for the Scientologists in Times Square: The public toilets are right around the corner. Anyway, the police have decided that the Scientologists' sale of Dianetics (we can't help but think of the Dianetics TV commercial music when we see the word) violates New York City Transit rules about vending (there is none) in the subways - the NYPD used plainclothes detectives and ejected some Scientologists from the station after issuing them summons. The Scientologists say the $8 they charge is not for the cost of the book but simply a "fixed donation," emphasizing that they are not a "commercial operation." The MTA scoffs at that, but Gothamist laughs at the MTA because it's not like the MTA knows what a sustaining money-making operation looks like.

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