It turns out that the story of a token clerk beating a subway passenger might not be entirely true. Maimouna Saoidoh claimed that Gonslee Gordon assaulted her and someone stole her wallet during the assault. Now, police say that Saoidoh reported her wallet was stolen a full week ahead of the alleged beating. She has been charged with filing a false police report, while the investigation on the assault is still ongoing.

In another unique case of subway crime, Corie was recently scammed out of her monthly metrocard. It seems as though someone, either a MTA employee or someone dressed like an MTA employee, pulled a switcheroo on her. All the turnstiles were "broken" or "locked" at the entrance she was using and thief let her in and then kindly swiped her card for her, "When I got over to the other side, I asked him if I should run the card through. I’ll do it, he said, took the card from me, swiped it, and handed it back. See, nothing to worry about, ma'am, I’m not a sexual harasser. I smiled nervously and went down the steps to catch my train."

Has anyone else fallen to such an inventive scam?

Photo photo above is from Tien's trip to the Transit Museum.