If anything ever turns out getting built at the World Trade Center site, please let it be this. Next month, workers are planning to construct a Subway sandwich shop atop a crane at Ground Zero — newly dubbed Ground Hero by the Post — so that hardhats can enjoy their $5-footlongs without having to descend from the Freedom Tower.

The sandwich shop will be built into a shipping container-like structure with a bathroom and offices for project managers, and it will rise floor by floor with the workers until it reaches the 105th story — "roughly the height of the old Twin Towers, or about as high as the former Windows on the World restaurant was," the tabloid reports.

"This will allow construction workers to stay in the tower throughout their shift rather than having to go up and down," said Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman. That might be a good thing, because Ground Zero hardhats were spotted boozing during their lunch-breaks this summer.