2008_05_macin.jpgA man suspected of a series of subway platform purse snatchings was arrested and charged yesterday. Mark McIntosh was "led away handcuffed by police near Union Square" and he offered these words to the public--and his six victims, "I'm sorry for what I did. I apologize, deeply."

According to police, MacIntoch was targeting women waiting for morning subways to feed his drug habit. He would grab their purses and then run into the subway tunnels to escape authorities. Victims picked him out of a line-up and he made remarks, per WNBC 4, "implicating himself" in the robberies at the L train stations on First and Third Avenues, the 1 station at Christopher Street, the 6 at Bleecker, and the R at Rector Street in Manhattan, plus one robbery at a G station in Brooklyn.

MacIntoch also said he didn't mean for his female victims to be hurt, "I just meant to take the money. That's all."