In preparation for this week's MTA board meetings being held to vote on fare hikes, the Authority has unveiled the May 2010 ridership figures. The report is over 140 pages long, but Second Avenue Sagas sifted through it and concludes: "After months of an economy-related decline in ridership, subway usage had finally started to creep up again. The service cuts, in other words, came at a very bad time." Ridership for the year has been approximately 1.2 percent above expected for the MTA. Which means more New Yorkers will soon be paying more for less.

MTA’s absolute on-time performance hit a three-year low last month, with only 59.8 percent of all weekday trains arriving on time. (In MTA parlance, "on time" means within five minutes of when the train was scheduled to arrive.) The two charts here pretty much sum up the situation, but we suggest printing out the entire 144 page pdf so you can give it a thorough read during your commute home. (And remember to bring a good book too so you'll have something more to read when you finish the report!)