Over 16,000 riders responded to the MTA's call for honest assessments of the 7 line, and the MTA released the results of the 7 Line Rider Report Card. On the bright side, there's a lot to improve. Realistically speaking, they weren't very good: After all the areas were tallied up, the overall grade was a C-. Here are the top ten priorities for improvement:

1. Adequate room on board at rush hour
2. Minimal delays during trips
3. Reasonable wait times for trains
4. Train announcements that are easy to hear
5. Station announcements that are easy to hear
6. Cleanliness of stations
7. Working elevators and escalators in stations
8. Sense of security on trains
9. Cleanliness of subway cars
10. Sense of security in stations

And in a sign of showing that the MTA is taking these suggestions seriously, NYC Transit president Howard Roberts says that he'll add more trains around the peak periods, which the NY Times explains "if riders are willing to travel a little earlier or a little later than they currently do, they may be rewarded with a less crowded ride." Hmm, "may" may be the operative word.

You can see what grades different components received (Station anouncements got a D+!) here and see the report card here. Right now, the MTA is accepting grades for the L, J, M, and Z lines - Roberts wants to get grades on all lines by November (the 4 is next).

Photograph by gmpicket on Flickr, with grading from us