Back when New York City wasn't named the rudest city in America, we had a little scoff at it, because hey who are these putzes to tell us we're not rude? But maybe the people at Travel & Leisure were on to something, judging by the news that an anonymous man found a purse stuffed wth $3,000 cash on the subway and turned it in to police, according to the NY Post. Jeez, we miss the Old New York, when the money would have been pocketed and spent at any number of XXX Times Square storefronts.

Police said at a press conference that an anonymous man noticed tourists Barabara Fieg and Milagros De Vedia leave a bag on the E train as they exited at a Times Square stop on Tuesday night. The do-gooder held on to the bag—which turned out to contain $3,000 cash, credit cards, a passport and a cell phone belonging to De Vedia—all the way to the World Trade Center stop, at which point he brought it to One Police Plaza. From there, police were able to track down the Argentinian tourists the old fashioned way, by blindly calling numbers in the cell phone's contacts until they reached someone who could get in touch with Fieg.

"It gives us hope that there are people like him in this world," De Vedia said at the press conference. We'll probably never know exactly who this man was, but hey, if you're trying to impress someone at a bar or at Panorama this weekend, feel free to tell them it was you. "Yeah, I could have paid rent for like two months with it, but you know, I thought my soul was just worth so much more," you can lie.