A nine months-pregnant woman was kicked in the stomach after a dispute with another subway rider on a 4 train in Manhattan yesterday. The alleged attacker, Michael Lee, was arrested, and the victim, Natasha Rodney, was taken to the hospital. Reached by phone there, she told the NY Post, "He’s in [police] custody. I feel fine."

The scuffle occurred on a northbound train around 8 a.m. when Lee, 40, boarded the train at Bowling Green. Lee apparently bumped into Rodney, 28. An NYPD spokesman said, "It was a crowded train and the guy bumped into her. She mentioned something to him."

A police source tells the Daily News that Rodney allegedly pushed Lee and knocked him to the floor. Lee then allegedly got up and kicked Rodney in her belly twice.

A witness told WABC 7 that "it looked like Lee didn't see the woman at first, so she gently pushed him away asking for space."

"He pushes her hand away and he ends up hitting her. He ends up hitting her arm or chest," Janice said. "I think this is where she snapped, she ends up holding on to his collar, his back is still facing her so once she has her hands on his collar this is where she turns around and she ends, her hands end up on his head."

Janice says then things spiraled.

Lee is now facing the woman, backing up trying to get away from her, but she's holding onto him still, and he falls.

She ends up holding onto him, on top of him.

"So when she's hunched over him, this is when he kicks her and the kick, since she's over him diagonally, the kick lands on her stomach, right on the bottom of her belly," Janice said.

Lee was charged with assault and reckless endangerment.

Rodney's baby is due on March 27th. Her mother was shocked at the attack, telling the News, "She’s pregnant. You can see her stomach. Is he insane? I don’t care what argument they had. What if the baby is damaged? What if, God forbid?"