2003_9_manhbridge.jpgThe MTA will be reopening four lines of subways on the Manhattan Bridge by February 2004. N-train riders will be able to ride express from Brooklyn into midtown - instead of going through Chinatown. B and D trains will now go south of Herald Square, connect at Grand Street again, and move on into Brooklyn. This should ease the traffic on 2, 3, 4 and 5 trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

StraphangerHowever, the Daily News says, "The improvements - which will affect B, D, M, N, Q, Q-Diamond, R and W train riders - won't come without some confusion, officials said. The D will replace the W in Brooklyn and the B will replace the Q-Diamond in Brooklyn." Gothamist is already confused. We'll just follow the herd.

These lines on the Manhattan Bridge haven't been open for 17 years, which leads Gothamist to realize that sometimes we measure time by subway construction periods, like "Jeez, I've been unemployed so long, the MTA has finished the subway improvements to the N/R/Q/W...My life sucks..."