2005_03_subwayrape.jpgTotally screwed up stuff happens all the time in the city, but it doesn't make it any less shocking when we hear something so outrageous, like news that a man raped a blind woman in a subway elevator after claiming he would help her. The incident occured Wednesday night, when a 19 year-old college student missed her stop and got off at Parsons Boulevard in Queens. The attacker asked her if she needed help and told her he'd take her to the elevator, where he proceeded to put a knife to her throat and threaten her. Later on, after the attacker had left, a female straphanger helped the teen to the right train. The rape was reported a day later, at the urging of the woman's roommate, and it turns out that the MTA had bleached the station's floors in the meantime. The NY Times reports that the police hope security cameras in the station will help identify the attacker, while commuters are concerned over their safety, as the Parsons Boulevard station is scheduled to lose more subway clerks.