The police believe the same man who has robbed four female subway commuters last week stole the purse of another woman yesterday morning.

A 24-year-old woman had been waiting on the Rector Street subway platform when, according to WABC 7, "the suspect grabbed her purse just before 10 a.m." She was knocked down and the suspect ran into the subway tracks, threw the purse on the ground after taking the cash, and ran into the tunnel.

The other subway purse robberies have all occurred in the morning at downtown Manhattan subway platforms: The L on 14th Street and First Avenue, the 1 at Christopher Street, the L and 14th and Third, and the 6 at Bleecker and Lafayette. The NYPD and MTA are currently in a power struggle over who can cut the power to the tracks--naturally, the cops would like the power off ASAP so they can investigate immediately, but the MTA requires "senior level" approval for such a request, to avoid stranding passengers in train cars.