Oh, New York City Subway. Gothamist knows you are 100 years old, and you've been doing a great job. But it makes us so sad and frustrated when there's a subway derailment AND a broken rail in a given day. Yesterday, a B train derailed in the morning and then a broken rail was found at West 4th Street, which meant lots of service was suspended. The Daily News reports that "Four wheels on the seventh car of the southbound B train train went off the tracks in a tunnel leading to the DeKalb Ave. station at 8 a.m." Yikes, wheels coming off the train. The MTA will inspect the train and its route.

City Councilman John Liu said the derailment

is yet another symbol of an unaccountable and troubled bureaucracy that is once again failing to ensure safe and efficient transit service for all New Yorkers. The message is clear: Get back to basics. Before fares are hiked again, we need a commitment from Governor [George] Pataki and the MTA that improvements will be made in the transit service that we already pay for.

Of course, the MTA objects to this statement before the investigation is complete, but Gothamist agrees with accusations that the MTA is troubled. But Councilman Liu's statement about a commitment from Pataki and the MTA...we'd be happy if the state were chipping into help fund the MTA, but the state's contribution has dwindled to NOTHING (see this cached Newsday article).

Check out the Straphangers Campaign for more information about your subway riding rights. Here's the MTA's guide on how to ride. The next NYC Transit Riders Council's meeting is tomorrow. And NYC Subway on signals and locks (which may cause derailment).