The MTA is so sneaky. We were so excited to read the Daily News story about cooler subway platforms. But there's a catch: The stations that will have these special cooling units are ones that are being renovated or will be built in the future. Well, of course we'd hope that any new subway platforms for have better ventilation instead of making subway platforms a sauna of terrible smells (we're shocked we haven't heard about anyone passing out in the stations). The MTA doesn't expect to retro-cool stations, because many of the existing stations are so old, making an upgrade expensive and a pain in the neck. The unbuilt and/or in transition stations that will get a more high-tech cooling system are the Second Avenue line, the 7 line's additional stops, and South Ferry - so you can start waiting now.

If you want more nitty gritty on why the subways are so hot, listen to this podcast from the MTA - think pistons and braking and the energy they create. And the Tracker says that MTA is volunteering buses to be "mobile cooling centers".

Photograph by Shahrzad Elghanayan/AP