This morning, the local news stations reported that a woman was raped on a subway platform at the 21st Street G station in Hunters Point Queens. The woman had gotten off the train at around 3AM in the morning, when a man approached her. The G train skipped the Long Island City stop while the police investigated; the suspect is still at large.

Right Rides, the volunteer organization that offers free rides to women between midnight and 4:30AM on Saturday in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and the Lower East Side. There is only Saturday night service because they need volunteers; here's information on volunteering. Gothamist really likes the spirit of Right Rides, but we wish that it were available in more areas (of course); there must be a grant out there for something like this.

And a Manhattan woman was stabbed when trying to look for a LIRR station in Long Island. A man offered to show her the way at 11PM on Saturday, but ended up leading her to a wooded area. She fought him off when he tried to rape her, but he ended up stabbing her multiple times in the neck.