Police believe the man arrested for beating a man in a Brooklyn subway station with a pipe is the same man who attacked a man in Manhattan with a brick.

The incident in Manhattan occurred on September 21st at 11 p.m., when Andrew Billington, 37, and his girlfriend were walking down West 58th Street after seeing a concert at Terminal 5. A suspect attacked Billington from behind, smashed him on the head with a cloth-covered brick and then beat him in the face. The suspect rifled through Billington's pockets but didn't take anything.

The Brooklyn subway assault occurred a few hours later, at 1:20 a.m. on September 22nd, when a man sitting on a bench at the Ralph Avenue A/C subway station was beaten by a man with a pipe. Leon Sims, 25, was arrested for felony assault for the pipe beating; according to WCBS 2, "Police spotted Sims while searching for the suspect in the Flatbush Avenue attack. When police approached him, they say Sims ran and was hit by a car."

Police sources tell DNAinfo that Sims, who is still in the hospital, is being charged for the brick bashing, the pipe beating, and assaulting his grandmother on September 20th.