R train pulls into Prince Street Station

This Sunday, amateur and professional photographers are expected to meet in midtown to protest the MTA's proposed ban on subway photography. Expect tons of coverage for Monday. And in the Village Voice, our friend Matt Haber asks different photographers (professional and photoblogger) how they feel about the ban as well as whether they've encountered problems taking pictures on the subway. Satan's Laundromat's Mike Epstein says:

The subway is the great meeting place of New York City. Almost everyone rides it. Taking pictures of my fellow New Yorkers should be just as legal on a train as it is on the street. And people who like to look at pictures of trains all day, well, maybe they're a little odd, but they're utterly harmless.

Yeah, but the MTA sometimes doesn't like it when you love the trains too much. Darius McCollum, a man with Asperger's, who loved trains, has impersonated as a conductor many times, been arrested many times, served jail time... learn more about his story in this Harper's story and at Boy Steals Train, a play based on him.

Gothamist on the subway photography ban.