Yesterday afternoon, police officers shot and wounded a subway panhandler after he stabbed a cop with a screwdriver. Apparently the panhandler first went to the undercover cops and asked for one a cigarette. The Post reports, "The 26-year-old officer [Tyrone Barrionuevo] flashed his badge and identified himself. Moments later, the crazed smoker pulled out the 6-inch screwdriver and tried to plunge it into the cop's chest near his shoulder." The incident occurred at the Utica Avenue subway station in Crown Heights.

The attacked cop's partner tried to subdue the panhandler, identified as Stephen McKenzie. According to the Daily News, the partner, Alfonso Villacres, "whack[ed] the 6-foot, 240-pound McKenzie with a baton," but then "McKenzie then turned on Villacres, wrestling him to the platform and trying to grab his gun." Villacres' gun went off twice in the struggle. Then Barrionuevo was able to fire at McKenzie, hitting him three times in the chest and leg; a teen bystander was also grazed by a bullet as well.

McKenzie's family said he is schizophrenic; his sister told the News, "When he takes his medication he's fine." He is in serious condition at Kings County Hospital. Barrionuevo was treated for his injuries—his bulletproof vest prevented the screwdriver from going too far—while Villacres suffered minor injuries. The incident also caused numerous subway issues during the afternoon commute.