- Guess what? With more police officers in the subways, crime goes down. At least crime like smoking, drinking alcohol, and turnstile jumping is done, as some new NYPD stats say that the number of summons issued was down 18% versus 2004 - even in spite of the new rules of conduct (but the MTA did collect more in fines).

However, a man was stabbed around 7AM this morning on a 4 train in Midtown. Service was suspended, and it's unclear whether or not the attacker was found. [In other train car oddity news, a body was found on a southbound Q train at Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island early Sunday morning, but police do not suspect foul play.]

- Ah, if only we could all sue our bad bosses. A VP at the Transport Workers Union is suing TWU President Roger Toussaint for cutting his pay! Ainsley Stewart's lawsuit will claim that Toussaint reduced his pay by over $20,000, which is against various labor rules. Stewart is supposed to make $88,648 and tells the Post that Toussaint's move was retribution when Stewart didn't support him or the latest TWU-MTA contract. "He wants to bend and break me. Everything he's condemned the MTA for he now does to me." But the TWU is saying that Stewart doesn't even show up to do his job.

And Professor Andrew Beveridge, who teaches sociology at Queens College, ran some numbers for Gotham Gazette that illustrate who the Transport Worker Union member is, relative to a regular NYC working person, and the numbers are interesting: They are more likely to not take mass transit to work, they are more diverse, and have a much higher median income.