A little roundup of subway stories before you trudge through various subway diversions you may have this weekend:

- The MTA is working on letting passengers know when trains will arrive, but not until September 2007, according to AM New York. The 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 lines were scheduled to have "real-time displays with a train's location and the time left before it arrives" some time in 2006, but it's taking much longer (of course)! It'll take even longer for the other lines to get times, though the L might have some on-board displays.

- The MTA and TWU are talking - but only sort of. They won't really admit they are discussing the contract - Roger Touissant said that nothing's happening (shock!). It's an elaborate mating dance with thousands of workers and millions of commuters at stake, and it's good to know they are acting like adults and not getting much done. Any bets on whether this goes to arbitration?

- And this is when the union likes arbitrators: An arbitrator ruled that the G train must have conductors. The MTA was trying to get rid of conductors, forcing motormen to handle all the doors as well, since the G train is a relatively shorter train. So the G train will have its conductors, though riders may never know when the G train comes.