It looks the MTA has seized the opportunity to go for the jugular, as they have introduced a new contract with some provisions union members will most certainly not like. For instance, new workers will have to contribute more of their salary to pensions than current workers and there will be the possibility of one-person traiin-operation - and the pension refunds to current workers are gone, probably at the urging of Governor Pataki. AND the contract would be for 39 months, instead of 37 months, leaving the next potential transit strike in March (the NY Times says that will make sure a strike isn't during a cold month, but March - and - April can be vicious). The MTA certainly has gone for broke, as the union rejected the earlier contract by just 7 votes, and pundits think this is a way to force the Transport Workers Union into arbitration. And in other subway news:

- After Daily News story about most of the MTA's heart defibrillators being at offices, versus at stations or bus depots, the MTA will put more debrillators at "job sites" - though that doesn't necessarily mean they will be at stations.

- And a man killed himself by jumping in front of an N train at the Fort Hamilton Parkway stop. am New York reports that it occured at 9:19AM, with a witness saying, "He kept looking to see if the train was coming every thirty seconds and then when it came he started running and dove right onto the tracks. It was a total shock. He was even carrying a newspaper under his arm."