The stalled A train that had passengers trapped inside for seven hours may have gotten all the attention, but behind that train there was another train, driven by a motorman who repeatedly risked his life so that the train could crawl forward. Yann Willam Hicks says he had to get out of the train 20 times to clear snow from the metal signal arms that had become frozen in the storm. "I did this on the bridges above the water!" Hicks tells the Post. "We'd travel for a bit, get stuck, I'd get out, then we'd travel again... Every time I jumped off the train, I couldn't see the third rail—I had no idea where it was... I told the dispatcher, 'You've got to be kidding! You're sending us out in this stuff? This is suicide!" But it was all worth it to get everybody to Aqueduct station in the middle of the night in a blizzard!