Photo by Jason Andra

We've heard from subway hero Carlos Flores and the man he saved, Thomas Grant...and now the subway train motorman is speaking! Edson Braham told the Daily News he says a prayer each day before work: "Please, God, may no one get hurt as I do my job." On Sunday his prayer almost went unanswered, however, when Grant fell on to the tracks. Almost instantly Flores jumped down to save him, and a bystander ran to alert the station agent of the situation (surely we'll be hearing from those two next), but Flores was running out of time to get himself off the roadbed.

Braham says, "I was halfway between 110th St. and 103rd St. and my control center called me on the radio, telling me I should 'stop and stay, stop and stay.' It was urgent... the last thing I wanted was to run someone over or to hurt someone. We all fear that. That's a fear that all train operators have." He was able to stop in time, just 30-feet from Flores; normally he says he would have been traveling at about 25 mph.

The paper points out that last year 44 people lost their lives on the subway tracks, and the motorman explains, "For my fellow employees who have experienced that, it's a life-long image and memory that never fades. That's what I've been told." Needless to say, he is happy that some New Yorkers took the "opportunity to change that gentleman's destiny by action."